Digital Marketing Podcast

Podcast Recording and Production

If you're a savvy marketer, chances are you'll already be familiar with one of the UK's top digital marketing podcasts: The Digital Marketing Podcast by Target Internet, hosted by Daniel Rowles, Ciaran Rogers and Louise Crossley.

With an impressive following of over 130,000 listeners per month across 190 different countries, The Digital Marketing Podcast combines interviews with global experts, together with the latest news, indispensable tools, ingenious strategies and game-changing techniques.

The purpose-built Reel Creative studio serves as the creative hub for The Digital Marketing Podcast, where our state-of-the-art recording equipment, including 6K cameras, motorised sliders, professional microphones and lighting, along with expert direction, ensures that every visit yields remarkable results. Before joining forces with Reel Creative, the podcast was a self-produced, audio-only venture with sporadic releases; Daniel soon realised the undeniable benefits of introducing a video podcast format with a structured recording schedule, allowing one episode to be consistently released per week.

A frame from the Digital Marketing Podcast that shows Daniel Rowles in discussion. This is a good visual example of how Reel Creative's video production and content management can look, all shot in the Reel Creative studio
“Reel Creative have been instrumental in helping us develop our video strategy. We produce in batches, which is both time and cost efficient, meaning we can create large amounts of video content without us taking too much time away from the business.
The team are highly skilled and a pleasure to work with, and we have been incredibly pleased with the quality of work they have produced. They not only deliver excellent work, but they are fun to work with and we have forged a highly effective partnership.”

Full-Stack Content

Having a regular recording schedule allows the Target Internet team to prepare effectively for each podcast episode, save precious time, and very importantly, save money.

We batch record and produce a series of long-form podcasts and Q&A videos during each session, and also create short clips for social media.

The Reel Creative studio is set up in the same way each time - the set design, colouring, position of the cameras, etc. - meaning that the team can turn up, grab a coffee and start recording right away!

The final video and audio files are then produced to the highest standard, and delivered within an agreed timeframe.

A behind the scenes image of Phil Slatter and the Digital Marketing Podcast crew. This visually supports the point that we manage your content from idea to delivery. Reel Creative is a video content production agency and studio.

Reel Results:

Since introducing a video podcast, The Digital Marketing Podcast have:
  • Gone from being in the top 100 global business podcasts to the top 50 (typically within the top 20-30)
  • Become the number one global digital marketing podcast, and one of the top five global marketing podcasts
  • Gained approximately +50,000 more listeners per month (within 6 months)
  • Reached a larger, worldwide audience, resulting in an increase in website traffic, and a significant increase in leads (at least +20%)
  • Gained visibility via more channels, in the right format (long-form or short-form, horizontal or vertical); the social media video clips offer brand sentiment and a positive reputation, as they reach people who may not listen to the full podcast
  • Gained more YouTube subscribers, with this number growing each month by at least +10-12%
  • Been more consistent from a branding perspective; people are seeing the same brand visually and from an audio perspective more regularly
From a business operations perspective:
  • A lot more video content is going out constantly and in a consistent way, making life easier from a content marketing perspective
  • The team doesn't need to invest in their own podcast equipment and find somewhere to store it
  • The process is enjoyable and it works!
The Digital Marketing Podcast is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about digital marketing, including the latest trends. If you haven’t already, be sure to check it out!