CI Pride 2023 Reel

60-Second Event Promotion Reel

A colourful collaboration between North Creative and Reel Creative, this project is a shining example of what happens when Jersey creatives come together to produce something genuinely good for the Island.

To create a captivating 60-second promotional teaser reel for CI Pride's Jersey event. The reel aims to provide a sneak peek into the event by featuring three local drag queens exploring the best of Jersey.

Pre-production through to post-production

To kickstart the pre-production phase, Ben Jordan from North Creative took on the role of providing creative direction for the project. This involved deciding on suitable locations, props, and music that would align with the overall theme and message of the teaser reel. Frequent communication with Visit Jersey ensured that they remained informed and involved at every stage of the process, fostering a collaborative approach and ensuring the final product aligned with their vision.

On the day of the shoot, we were fortunate to have favourable weather conditions, which greatly benefited the process of capturing the desired footage. Given that some locations were subject to specific business operating hours, adhering to a tightly planned schedule became crucial to ensure all shots were acquired efficiently.

Our videographers worked diligently to execute the shot list, which included meticulously capturing the queens' performances, glamorous looks, and the iconic Jersey locations. The on-set atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and creative energy, allowing the talent to shine and bring their characters to life.

Following the successful shoot, the project transitioned to the post-production phase, where the footage was carefully edited and enhanced to create a polished and captivating reel. We skillfully weaved together the close-ups of glittering details, the queens' mesmerising performances, and the playful transitions to create an engaging and high-energy final reel.

Reel Results:

The collaborative efforts of North Creative & Reel Creative, culminated in one of Visit Jersey's most successful organic reels.

Within just 48 hours of its release, the CI Pride 2023 reel generated an impressive 22k views, effectively promoting the forthcoming CI Pride Jersey event and showcasing the Island as an inclusive and welcoming community for all.