Group Commercial Offsite Event

Complete Video and Content Coverage

Our client organised a comprehensive 3-day offsite event for their employees at a spacious hotel, complete with pre-event dry run rehearsals. The purpose of the conference was to strengthen relationships among employees throughout the global company, and to acknowledge and reward exceptional performance and dedication to the business.

While a dedicated production company was hired to handle the live production of the entire conference, our role was to capture video content from various locations, including throughout the conference venue and the city.
Furthermore, we facilitated an outdoor team-based competitive task focused on negotiation skills, which took place away from hotel premises.

Pre-production through to post-production

The client acknowledges the importance of maintaining a consistent look, feel, and quality in their visual content throughout the company. As their long-term video providers, we were asked to capitalise on the presence of a large number of the organisation’s leaders and managers in a single location. This was an ideal opportunity for Reel Creative to produce multiple piece-to-camera segments for internal initiatives, casual coffee chats, and brief interview-style conversations.

Furthermore, prior to the offsite, we were tasked with creating a visually engaging video presentation featuring animations and infographics. In a collaborative effort with a local animator, we successfully developed the desired presentation, aligning it with the client's objectives, that would be shown to the employees in the conference venue. We also received requests for additional visual content to create and display on-screen during the event.